One Million Fine Art Reproductions available on Canvas, Textured Cotton, Photo-Tex Movable and Ultra Luster Pro Photography media.
CaliforniArt offers online custom framing, your image into art, image restoration & more.  CALL US!  760-868-0392       HOURS        LOCATION


The name 'California' is derived from a fictional paradise.  The California life style reflects a distinct ‘frame of mind’.  Californians reside everywhere.
Californians embrace inner beauty, tangible opportunity and possess a preservationist mentality for the natural. 
Their walls are vertical statements of ‘who they are’ and exude their passions and personality.
Californians love good times and decorate with expression.

Born, raised and 'living the dream' in Southern California, at CaliforniArt we understand that 'California' is more than a place on a map.

 At CaliforniArt,we believe that true value never comprises quality.  Cost is relative to how much you enjoy your purchase.  
We guarantee the lowest pricing possible…ALWAYS.

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