The California Alphabet (CALphabet)
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A: Amazing, Awesome     B:  Beach, Bold     C:  Conserve, Create     D:  Dance, Dream     E:  Energy, Essential     F:  Faith, Feast     G:  Getaway, Great     H:  Hollywood, Hope     I:  Imagine, Inspire     
J:  Joy, Jump    K:  Karma, Kite    L:  Laugh, Listen     M:  Mom, Music     N:  Naturally, Nonsense     O: Opinion, Opportunity     P:  Party, Play     Q:  Quircky, Quiet     R:  Race, Rodeo     S:  Scent, Star     

T:  Tea, Time     U:  Unique, Utopia    V:  Valentine, Vegetarian     W:  Wellness, Wild     X:  Xcited, Xtreme     Y:  Yoga, Yosemite       Z:  Zen, Zoology  ...or Choose Your Own Word!

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